I’m Geoff Lemon, born and residing in Melbourne though I’ve lived in other countries in between. Freelance writer on politics, sport, music, travelling, history and books. Or pretty much anything interesting that comes up. If you need something, drop me a line.

I write a lot on sport for the Guardian, The Roar, Wisden India, All Out Cricket. Political comment has been for The Drum, Crikey, The Punch and this website, which started out as a personal and travel blog but got bent along the way. Also written for The Sunday Age, The Monthly, The Book Show, ABC Cricket Magazine, PAN Magazine, The King’s Tribune, the EWF Reader, and cetera.

I’m editor of Going Down Swinging, an apolitical Australian lit journal / record label / event producer / online publisher in its fourth decade. We make really nice print anthologies, do digital multimedia stuff, release spoken word albums, commission live work and put on sweet shows and parties. I’m also Contributing Editor at The Roar. Previous editing gigs included Voiceworks, Harvest and freelance manuscript work.

I write and perform poetry / spoken word, including the book Sunblind. Apparently people hate poems but you might like these, some even have jokes. Email to find it. I’ve done shows around Australia and overseas for years, including supports for sweet bands like TZU and Joelistics, and ran a show called Wordplay for three years, recorded at Wordplay.org.au. Written work is in Best Australian Stories, HEAT, Griffith Review, Island, Etchings, Famous Reporter, Thank God We Died Together, and others.

I co-directed the 2012 National Young Writers Festival, and have done plenty of hosting events, lectures, panels and public speaking at universities, standalone shows, workshops and festivals. These include the Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Byron Bay and Ubud writers festivals. My other books are The Sturgeon General Recommends (e-book), and the novel Willow Pattern, written with collaborators including Nick Earls, Steven Amsterdam and Krissy Kneen.

Get in touch any time. Collaborative ideas are more useful than random abuse. I won’t fool any spambots with heathenscripture at gmail followed by a dot com.


11 Responses to About

  1. Alexander says:

    Hi Geoff,

    Great talking to you last night. You’ve got some great pieces on this blog.
    I’ve added you to my RSS feeds.



  2. Juanita says:


    Cool name.

    I’d like to be Juanita Orange.
    Then nobody could ever ruin my name with a rhyme.

  3. patriciawa says:

    Apologies for not coming here before I commented on the other page that you’d make a great blog publicist! How patronising that must have seemed!

    Now I’m gonna have to learn how to add someone to my RSS feeds. Before I do that I am going to find out what an RSS feed is!

    But I do think your Carbon Taxin’ Q&A is pretty damn good. I’m looking forrward to reading more of your stuff at Wordplay.org.au.

  4. Hi Geoff,
    I really like your article on the carbon tax – so sensible! Along with many others I am fighting coal seam gas extraction which seems to be going ahead without any thought for the damage it causes due to greedy governments. They say this is a transitional energy before we go for renewables but the money spent on setting this up and the use of it for the next 20-30 years will mean that money will not be spent developing renewables. The potential damage to our water both above and below ground is real but is ignored. I am writing a blog as I learn more about coal seam gas extraction at http://www.puttygasbag.blogspot.com. If you can help in this campaign I would be very grateful.
    Kathy McKenzie

  5. Rich Simpson says:

    There is not a single other sane and articulate person writing in this country as well as you. This or any other country. Thanks for lightening up my life


  6. Nick Maslen says:

    Love your work. Laughed so hard reading your Carbon Tax piece I nearly forgot all the frustration caused by people I meet every day going “What about this bloody carbon tax then?” Look forward to more of your musings.

  7. Soozee says:

    What do you call that sound you hear in movies when some kind of heavenly connection has just been made? It’s like a choral “Ta-daaaa” sound which heralds a post-portent state of being, and is usually accompanied by some brightening of the lights behind a cloudscape. (You know the one) Well that’s how I feel upon finding your blog.

    I now intend to stalk you via every form of media I can using my limited but rapidly improving knowledge of -what are those darn things called again- “social media thingies”. If I beleived in God I’d say “thank God I found you” but I don’t, so I’ll say “thank FUCK I found you” and settle in to enjoying some more of your brilliant rants. Go Geoff! Bravo!!

  8. ian thomson says:

    Wow cool site from another person on the planet disgusted with all the Corporate BS being fed to us like we’re geese for pate! There are alternatives to almost everything that plagues us, but they get buried by the vested interests who are staus quo, no matter what. Keep on keeping on!

  9. edwarddebozo says:

    Hey Geoff
    Reagrding the use of ‘cunt’ have a look at ‘what are you staring at?’ on Youtube under the name ‘massivedonsmith’
    like your writing
    don smith
    aka edward de bozo

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  11. cricket producer says:

    channel nine cricket commentary is not the only part of their cricket broadcasting that has lost the plot. when was the last time you actually were allowed to see the field of play, and consider the strategies of fielding captains and batsmen? it looks impressive, but a super close up super slow mo of a ball crossing the ropes tells me nothing about how it got there. ugh. just because you have over 20 cameras does not mean you need to use them all. how will the next generation ever understand the complexities, strategic genius of the game that is cricket,if they cannot see the play as it unfolds?

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