Best text message exchange ever

I was cleaning out my phone last night and found this in its dim recesses, from a UK number to Australia last year. Still amazing. Still no idea what the fuck was going on.

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5 Responses to Best text message exchange ever

  1. Danny says:

    No YOU are

  2. ReverseConcaveSpoon says:

    Hows wha is going on there?

  3. jabba says:

    i don’t even no wha language you speaking.

    … Fucking Chavs.

  4. icecream says:

    I actually had something similar happen to me recently. Turns out on some phones, when replying to multiple recipient messages, “reply all” can occur inadvertently. So someone might have group messaged you and ‘wha place what’, then ‘wha place what’ replied (which became reply all), resulting in you getting a message.

  5. Serah says:

    Majorly crushing on the pristine grammar and syntax you adopt even on a text message. You’re also funny.

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