Because we’re too shit to be on Q and A…

…the Melbourne Fringe Festival has generously set up its own Q and A style event in the Festival Club, presented by Crikey. Myself, Ben Pobjie, and Clementine Ford with join Crikey’s crew of cartoonist First Dog on the Moon, journalist Ben Eltham, and editor Sophie Black this Sunday night from 8 pm. You can submit questions ahead of time, or rock up and yell them from the crowd.

The Festival Club is at 521 Queensberry St, North Melbourne. You can pre-emptively email questions to, or do it via Twitter using @EverybodyTalkin.

Also at the Fringe, Going Down Swinging has a storytelling event on Wednesday the 28th. It is called Tall Tales and True, and involves bullshit stories and accurate ones side by side. Guess which is which and you might win things. It’s at Bar Open, on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, from 8 pm.

Featuring Briohny Doyle, Ben Pobjie, Libbie Chellew, Eric Yoshiaki Dando, Felix Nobis, and Sean M. Whelan and the Interim Lovers.

Both these shows are free, so… you might as well…

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2 Responses to Because we’re too shit to be on Q and A…

  1. Pip Pie says:

    Why haven’t you been on Q and A? Or have you?

    • jabba says:

      He’s just too ‘real’ for QandA, man…

      Oh, and there’s the whole matter of the AVO Tony Jones has against him.

      … but mostly ’cause he’s too real.

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