Who was that masked man?

A bunch of people have been asking who I am and what I do. Mostly I write things, of all sorts. Sport, politics, poetry, anything. I also edit a literary journal called Going Down Swinging, that has been around for thirty-plus years. So the other thing I’ve been doing over the last few days, in between answering and moderating a thousand message board comments, is finishing off this digital issue we’ve been putting together.

If you’re interested in great stories, short film, music, spoken word, comics, poetry and illustration, it’s all in there. You can get an ebook for iPads or iPhones, or a web version for your browser. That’s 22 artists, 16 contributions, five bucks to a good cause.

If you’d like to check the mag out, go here.

Or if you want to find what we mean by digital publishing, go here.

The companion piece to the carbon tax essay will run on this site tomorrow morning.



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6 Responses to Who was that masked man?

  1. jimandmike says:

    Will be checking in first thing for it!

  2. AD says:

    Thank you mask man

  3. Cary Lenehan says:

    Excellent series of articles. Keep it up.

  4. mewky says:

    Been a fan of GDS for some time – should get myself a subscription…

  5. I am linking to your blog. Hope that’s ok

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