Fittingly for a man with the biggest scone this side of a Guiness World Record Devonshire Tea, it was in the seaside town of Indented Head that we received this news about Simon Overland. Let’s all be thankful for the priorities of small-town papers, and breathe a little easier from now on.

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2 Responses to DON’T PANIC

  1. jabba says:

    Note the caption: “Unlikely to impact Neighbourhood Watch”? Well, only if he was rostered on for Thursday night, I guess.

    Seriously – how F*#@ing important do these arsehats think their Neighbourhood Watch is? What dipshit actually ASKED ABOUT IT at Overlands’ Resignation press conference?

    “Ah, so, um… Viz the incoming Chief: How will his new policies affect me and my busybody retiree goons who like to check people’s wheelie-bin / kerb alignment?”
    F*#@ me. My mind boggles at this.

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