4. Nothing to hide

Last year, my dad wrote to me in Argentina. Among other news from home, he mused that “Football language is a dialect all of its own. I think I shared with you my delight at the comment of a certain Ben Cousins when emerging from intensive care after (so the reports said) he had an adverse reaction to a prescription sleeping pill. He described the episode, poker face, as having been ‘a wake-up call.’ Similarly a Mr Brendan Fevola, or his representative on his behalf, proclaimed his innocence when accused by a mother of four, no less, of having exposed himself to her. The comment: ‘Brendan has nothing to hide.’”

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2 Responses to 4. Nothing to hide

  1. Sum says:

    The lemon doesn’t fall far from the tree, it seems.

  2. TimT says:

    You know, when Winston Churchill paid a wartime visit to the US, President Roosevelt once accidentally came upon Winny rising out of the bath.

    “So you see, Mr President,” said Churchill straightaway, “I have nothing to hide.”

    Fevola has a presidential precedent no less!

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