Poland: The Tastemakers

We all agree that Poland is funny, don’t we? So much comic value. A once-grand empire reduced to modern modesty. Danzig and sea corridors. Turnips. World War Two. Why is Europe like a tent? Because you take out the poles and the whole thing collapses. That sort of thing. Then some time ago my friend Eric, in a supremely drunken haze, slurred to me and my Polish friend Paulina, “Y’know, the Poles… the Poles are the tastemakers. They got all the good beats. They say what we need to listen to in Osssydneralia.”

I think he was referencing a perceived Polish takeover of dubstep, though whether this is up there with the British military controlling our thoughts with their high-frequency radio towers in Cyprus, I am not really qualified to say.

In any case, the Poles quickly got a lot funnier from that point. They had become the Tastemakers, after all. The makers of taste. And then Paulina posted something on Facebook in Polish. And a whole comment thread got going. And when I went to look at it, Google Chrome was all like, Hey, do you want me to translate this for you. And I was like, Sure, Google Chrome. Let’s see what you’ve got. Now, I already knew from learning Spanish that Google’s translation software is a pile of shit. But the results of this little experiment (re-posting permission requested and given) are too good not to share. Compressive.

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