Whoops. I just lost 11 billion dollars.

Sorry to continue with the political theme, which normally I do my best to avoid, but… can someone possibly explain to me how a budget gap of 11 billion dollars can be ‘a difference of opinion’?

“We used slightly different assumptions and slightly different data and it’s just a matter of judgement,” says Andrew Robb.  “They (the independents) will give us an opportunity to explain why this is a difference of opinion, not a costing error, and they will move on.”

Then Hockey weighs in with “”We stand by our numbers. We stand by the fact we will deliver an $11.5 billion surplus.” So apparently you can avert 11 billion dollar holes by means of positive thinking and reaffirmation.

There’s still some comic relief, luckily (even if you thought we had exhausted every variation of double entrendre based on the word ‘stimulus’). “Mr Swan rejected a suggestion the second stimulus package was too large. The figures had confirmed the wisdom of the government’s stimulus strategy, its size and the timing of the withdrawal, he said.”

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3 Responses to Whoops. I just lost 11 billion dollars.

  1. jabba says:

    What? … C’mon man…
    You gonna try to tell me YOU’VE never lost a few billion?

    Do you forget that time where you thought you’d left $8bn on the bar? But of course – whoops! it was only $18…

    Wasn’t that difficult to explain to those folk who wanted the $800,000,000 reward…

    Or there was the time we pledged to the Royal Childrens’ Hospital redevelopment with our Budget Surplus … which I thought was a perfectly reasonable way to describe ashtray change.

    Happens to us all, right?

    • geoff says:

      I didn’t lose that $18 on the bar. There was just a difference of opinion as to where it was located. I made certain judgements and conclusions, and the barman made other conclusions. I concluded that I had already paid them and it was in the till. That was my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.

      And I firmly believe that I will have more than three numbers in my bank account when I get home. Yep. I stand my my figures.

  2. bravocharlie says:

    It’s all BS. The government projected budget surplus based on Chinas ‘sustained’ massive growth and ore purchasing as referenced in the Australia on September 1st ‘ http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/markets/gdp-speeds-ahead-of-economists-forecast-as-china-fuels-mining-sector/story-e6frg926-1225912748280 ‘ is cancelled out 8 days later here > http://www.smh.com.au/business/beijings-iron-fist-on-emissions-has-industry-gasping-20100908-151ew.html

    Ignore it all and vote for a solar road, that’s my plan (and you should too) > http://challenge.ecomagination.com/ct/ct_a_view_idea.bix?i=42C3F6F7

    Alternatively listen to Max Keiser speak the truth – “The economics of war” (it’s seriously good) > http://www.youtube.com/user/russiatoday?blend=1&ob=4#p/u/3/2O8PaPKRKC0

    One of the quotes “Lets not forget that 3.2 TRILLION was “unaccounted for” in the Pentagon (2.3 TRILLION of which announced missing by Rummy the DAY BEFORE 911) – Just by coincidence the office in the Pentagon investigating this missing money was destroyed when a plane (a.k.a. a cruise missile and immediate subsequent explosives) took out that office and all associated evidence.”

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