The sweet smell of bullshit

“In congratulating Mr Wyatt, Liberal deputy leader Julie Bishop says there is no place for racism within the Liberal party. ‘As far as the Liberal party is concerned, racism is totally and absolutely unacceptable,’ she said. ‘It’s born out of ignorance and hatred.'”

Holy bleeding Jesus. I think one of my eyes just kind of popped out and is starting to snail-trail down my face, all quivery and runny like a half-poached egg… I’m not sure if it was from laughing so hard or from trying to swallow such a gigantic blistering throat-stretching chunk of hypocrisy.

That is… just… wow. Ignorance and hatred. Yes it is. Well done. Just don’t forget to stop the boats, Julie.

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1 Response to The sweet smell of bullshit

  1. Anth says:

    Welcome to post-post-modernism. There are no authors. There is no audience. There is only bullshit and receptive echo chambers.

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