Fuerza Bruta

I’m still behind on posts due to actual paid work, and I need the cash. So here’s the link to my latest Book Show blog, a story about certain happenings involving brute force, wet seal-people, and El Turco, as well as a Peruvian on a train and a book in which lots of cousins get married. It’s the legal nature of their incest that makes it less interesting. What’s the bet that mentioning the word “incest” gets me a whole lot more hits from Google? Incest incest incest. I’ve already received a substantial number of visitors from people Googling the phrase “tsunami porn”, which was a recent post title. God knows, readers, what they were thinking, and what they were looking for, and what that means. God alone knows.

For the Fuerza Bruta story, click here. Incest!

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1 Response to Fuerza Bruta

  1. Andy Jackson says:

    Hey Geoff. Will you be back in town on Monday November 15th, to feature at La Mama Poetica for us? Email me and we can chat.

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