Go down swinging

I want teleporters. This is the future, goddammit. We have crazy videophones and amazing satellite tech. We have vitamin supplements that can pretty much keep you alive in pill form. We have lasers, all kinds of freaking lasers. We beam them into our eyes to fix our vision, for Chrissake. And if you go to the right Chapel St boutiques, we have plenty of shiny silver clothing to choose from. But we’ve been robbed of personal flying transportation, and we’ve been robbed of teleporting. And given our rate of resource consumption is going to see the world plunge back into feudal levels of technology and social organisation within a century, the time for teleporting has pretty much passed us by.

I want to teleport because while I’m away, a lot of awesome stuff happens at home and I can’t be part of it. I’ve long held an interest in Going Down Swinging, and the current editors have been putting together the most epic edition in the journal’s history. It’s the 30th birthday double-anthology: two books’ worth of writing, two CDs of spoken word from all over the world, graphic novella commissions, the works. And the people behind it are first-rate, so I know it’s going to be good. Lisa Greenaway has been editing GDS for years now, and pretty much carries the organisation. Nathan Curnow is an amazing performer who did great things at Wordplay, and also wrote probably my favourite ever book of poetry, The Ghost Poetry Project. Ella Holcombe gets more done while making less noise about it than anyone I know. She’s been a much-loved part of my world since we worked on Voiceworks together as young ‘uns back in the day. With these three on the case, I can’t wait to see what they’ve put together.

They’re launching this epic soon, at the Toff in Town, as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival. It’s going to be a big show – hosted by Rockwiz chief Brian Nankervis, featuring US spoken word pair Emily XYZ and Myers Bartlett, as well as Wordplay talent like Eleanor Jackson, Ezra Bix, Paul Mitchell, and Maxine Clarke. Because I can’t go, I want to at least encourage you guys to get down there and see it.

The big double-issue is included in the ticket price, so this is a pretty sweet deal. I’ve seen pictures and it looks beautiful. You have to pre-book tickets, so hit this link to do so. It will also tell you more about the show. Or if you’re Facebook-inclined, find the event info by clicking here.

Go down and swing.

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