Football football football and love poems

I’ve got so into the World Cup over here that I’ve started sportswriting for a website called The Roar. It’s something I’ve been interested in for a while, but hadn’t quite had the impetus to branch out. Now I am no longer confined to insulting Jason Singh – I have to figure out publishable ways to insult the Germans as well. I feel I’ve had some success. If you’re interested, the most recent articles are:

Burning down the Louvre: Argentina’s beautiful football up in flames (Argentina vs. Germany)

Sneijder finds his feet, uses his head, as Brazil lose theirs (Netherlands vs. Brazil)

Argentina celebrates football as a way of life (This cannibalises a bit at the start from one of my posts on this page, but is still a new article.)

On a different tack my latest Book Show post is also up, which includes a nice mp3 of my friend Julian reading Spanish poetry. Sounds nice, even if you don’t understand it. Find it here.

And in other writing news I’ve had poems accepted for the next issues of Griffith Review, Going Down Swinging, and Divan. So things continue apace at all points on the cultural spectrum.

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