The Geoff Lemon Centre for Degenerative Brain Function

It’s probably good that I’m leaving Argentina soon, to go back to being the quiet solo traveller who keeps mostly to himself. Great friends can be very bad for you, in the best possible way. If I stay here I’m going to drink so much that in years to come, when they open the Geoff Lemon Centre for Degenerative Brain Function, the director’s speech will commence: “I don’t want to say that we couldn’t have done it without Geoff – because that isn’t true. Actually it would have been much easier to do it without Geoff, because he kept drinking up all our donation money and yelling incoherently at potential funders. But, as an inaugural inmate of this facility, and the one who most fully embodies the spirit and ideal of degenerative brain function, I am pleased and proud to name this centre in his honour.”

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2 Responses to The Geoff Lemon Centre for Degenerative Brain Function

  1. Simo says:

    Pretty sure that place already exists… It’s a quaint little place with an ever growing crack above the door, a creepy monkey on the porch and a hammer that went missing but was last seen traveling through the air towards a religious establishment in what seemed to be a roof-launched fashion.

    • Geoff Lemon says:

      I love it 🙂

      Though I should state that all characters and events depicted in the previous post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real events or to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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