La Casa Texeira


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That last essay-post was pretty exhausting (for both of us probably), so let’s keep it basic today. A couple of people have asked for photos of where I’m staying. 12308_380109940918_601970918_4254027_2913173_n The first is the view from the rooftop terrace during an epic thunderstorm recently that rivalled Melbourne’s, flooding large portions of the sububs and making a whole bunch of arterial roads unusable. Absolute chaos for a couple of days. The striking thing about it was that weird green light that you can sort of make out on the horizon, the strangest colour, like being undersea. I’ve never seen such an eerie build up to a storm before. And the tension cranked up and up and up but the thing wouldn’t burst, just these incredible cloud monoliths moving in, all different layers and colours like they were battling for supremacy in the atmosphere. The tension was almost unbearable before it broke, the air felt solid, teasing the hairs out from your arms to stand straight up. The second photo is looking the other way off the roof, highlighting the unique charm and design sensibility of our friendly neighbourhood freeway overpass. Despite being about thirty metres from my window, I generally don’t even notice it. The third photo is the the indoor courtyard (my room is the one off the staircase). Pretty interesting place to live. The picture to the left is the stairs to the roof (I just like the colour scheme). The owner has an interesting chaotic existence, lots of family coming and going, so we’re never sure who lives there and who’s passing through and who is who – there’s 26his girlfriend and there’s another woman who appears to be the mother of his kid, and the guy who’s maybe her boyfriend but also comes around to work with my landlord, and everyone seem’s cool with these arrangements, which is a testament to them, and then there’s a tribe of other miscellaneous children who come and go with other miscellaneous relatives. They have several giant barbeques a week and it’s generally pretty festive. He’s also a keen horticulturalist, as per the picture below. Several people wanted to see pictures of Nora, too, so here’s a couple. She’s a peach. I doubt I need to explain why I like her.

12308_380038210918_601970918_4253503_1608334_n 12308_380109945918_601970918_4254028_292348_n


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1 Response to La Casa Texeira

  1. Simo says:

    thanks for the sticky-beak.
    looks like life is being well and truly lived

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