Shut up and kiss me

A few months ago I had a tiny poem published as the first piece in an erotica e-book about kissing. It was put together by an influential erotica writer who goes by the name of Remittance Girl, and who I admire for various reasons (props to Bhakthi for the reference). So it was great to have the piece accepted, but as tends to happen to things being sent into the ether of the net, I soon forgot all about it. Today I found out that the e-book has been downloaded over 20 000 times. Which would make it easily the most widely-read publication I’ve ever been involved with. We tend to regard internet publishing as somehow less authentic than its paper counterpart. But if that number of people can read your work, as opposed to five hundred in a literary mag, I wonder how strong that argument really is. 20 000 is a whole goddamned shit-tin of people. It’s also another mystery Kingston from the biscuitverse.

I believe you can still download the e-book here if you’re into that sort of outrageous smut.


photo by Eli Santana

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1 Response to Shut up and kiss me

  1. Alexander says:

    “her face was a laugh trying to squirm free”


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