The funky bus

Random - No Molestar

Well, it’s good to have reminders.




Yep, you saw it here first. Looks like we finally found somewhere to put Mark Phillipoussis.



funky bus

The funky bus. This public bus dared to be different.



random - dogs

To quote a great man, when is two dogs dry-humping NOT funny?



random - chaps

When is drawing moustaches on passed-out Americans who you hardly know not funny?


Actually Mr Fox and I got comprehensively sprung for this when I drunkenly left my camera on a nearby table. The crime was committed at about 8 in the morning. Dan busted into our room at midday.

Dan: Ok, which one of you was it?

Me: Ungh? What are you talking about?

Dan: Who drew on my face?

Fox: We didn’t draw on your face.

Dan: You didn’t?

Fox: No!

[long pause]

Dan: That’s a real nice camera you got.


Dan: How many pesos would you give me for it?

Me: Oh shit.



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