The state of play

Recent posts have all been an attempt to clear the backlog from when I was on the road and had no regular computer access. Now that I’m settled back in BA and the incomparable Mr Bowes has restored my virus-bombed laptop to working condition, I’ve pretty much been able to catch up to the present. Mr Fox and The Doctor left last weekend and I’m now pursuing a solo career. I would like to write about our last few days together, but they were so epic that I think it’ll take some time before it’s all processed. Also they contained enough illegal activity that even I’m having doubts about disseminating the information in a public forum. If the story ever makes sense on the page, you’ll see it here first. Currently I’m staying in Alex and Ani’s sweet pad while they’re in Aus for Christmas. It’s a neat little three-room mezzanine sort of place, with a retractable roof (!) over one half of the house and a rooftop terrace over the other, which is accessed by a three-foot hobbit door and a spiral staircase. It would be difficult for it to be much cooler. Here is where I will get to sit quietly and do some writing for the next few weeks. I can’t upload photos at the moment due to storage constrictions on the server, but I will when I can. Not of the house, just of unrelated things. Highlights so far include Mr Fox railing the sky, and two dogs going at it, which is always funny.

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