An in-joke that only three people will get

el dorado

“Hey gringo! Do you know the road to El Dorado?”

Here is an in-joke that only three people will get. I don’t know if any of those people read this page. I would explain the joke, but it would only fail to be funny for everybody else. Any person who can guess the origins of the joke with complete accuracy (the word ‘guess’ excludes the aforementioned three or others with prior knowledge) will win a free boat ride for three.

NB: This link has nothing at all to do with the joke. I just really like that song. The joke is solely photo-related.

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5 Responses to An in-joke that only three people will get

  1. Dutch says:

    Hey Gringo!

  2. Rory says:

    I’m on a boat!

  3. Rabbi says:

    If you go into the nearest bathroom, you’ll find that I’m now a black guy.

  4. Nic Hodges says:

    n: **vomit***
    r: “dude are you alright?”
    n: “fuck me…this is fucking awesome!”

    but one of many classic moments.

    (I bring you K)

  5. Geoff Lemon says:

    And somehow it seemed a great idea to have a huge line and then run through the bush at nighttime. Cranial damage is all part of the fun…

    Do you remember the spiders? The giant people-dressed-as-spiders who dropped down into the dancefloor at… god knows o’clock? Frickin. Awesome.

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