One for the munters

There’s something I forgot to mention about Machu Picchu. The one part I really did enjoy of the place was when I climbed up into the old quarry, found a grassy spot under the overhang of a boulder, and lay back to listen to Breaks Devastation. This is the epic Nubreed-heavy breaks set of debated origin where we first found Point Me To The Gods, the track that inspired my poem of the same name. It’s 73 minutes of sheer electronic awesome. I lay there and watched the ancient ruins, the perfectly-carved stones, the open grassy fields, and a thunderstorm duelling with the sunshine for over an hour without ever winning, the clouds boiling around the abrupt mountain peaks while the sunlight sliced through it all and was never quelled. The sound in my headphones was a perfect eargasm, and it was the closest to sober tripping I’ve ever come. Despite the crowds and the dust and the sweaty bus queue, I walked out of there light as the first piano lines at minute 64.

06 One for the munters 463

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  1. aleshin says:

    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

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