I ate McDonald's again

I know. I’m sorry. It was late. I woke up at 2 a.m. I’d been sleeping off altitude sickness. I was starving. There was nothing else open. It was either that or a bunch of cigarettes and Chupa-Chups from a roadside stall manned by what was either a very small well-wrapped person or an animate pile of socks. I’m sorry. I am.

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6 Responses to I ate McDonald's again

  1. Rob says:

    Sounds like great fun … and a real challenge to the digestive system. I’m jealous. Much busyness on the publishing front, but I reckon you’re past caring about that at the moment. Something for when you get back, p’raps. Have you eaten a guinea pig yet? Cheers, Rob.

    • Geoff Lemon says:

      No guinea pigs as yet. Something about them just doesn’t scream ‘tasty’. And they seem to be only for tourists anyway (read, four times the price of normal meals). When I can get a delicious pasta dish for that much less, I’m going alfredo. I did eat alpaca though.

      Any publishing news is good news – do send me through the updates. Interested to see how your prospective new arrangements turn out.

  2. Ryan says:

    Don’t beat yourself up. Heaps of people are doing it. I saw a hippy cafe selling ‘plastic-lined’ paper bags that were ‘sweatshop free’, ‘old-growth free’ but ‘hand-printed’ by ‘local Taiwanese’. This is very common, don’t sweat it.

    • Geoff Lemon says:

      Yeah, but I specialise in beating other people up (verbally), so I should certainly cop it myself, shouldn’t I? (In other news, your story is hilarious. Like the fact that the same ‘local handicrafts’ are on sale in Bangkok, Lima, and Byron Bay.)

  3. adam ford says:

    Was it McBreakfast, or standard menu?

    • Geoff Lemon says:

      Standard menu, baby. Available alllll day, praise be to cholesterol. I’d never imagined such a thing existed and then there it was, in my mouth. (Feel free to take that out of context.)

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